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Costa Rica Tours and Travel Packages

home1Costa Rica is located in Central America, it only has a 0.03% of our planet's surface, but it includes about 6% of the world's biological diversity.  Costa Rica is characterized by a great natural beauty where you can find volcanoes, rainforest, cloud forest, and beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. In addition to an impressive scenic beauty, Costa Rica has a consolidated system of protected areas, social and political stability, high educational levels, an efficient infrastructure, and services.

Costa Rica tours and travel packages:
We are a  travel agency located in Costa Rica, we can offer you a wide variety of  travel packages: exciting adventures, eco-educational tours, beach and nature packages, honeymoon packages, car rental, one day tours, domestic flight tickets, private transportation, shuttle bus transportation and special group fares.

home2Costa Rica tailor made packages:
We also organize customized packages, our bilingual travel advisors are experts in the travel industry with more than twelve years of experience in Costa Rica's destinies, we provide detailed information about the places that our customers can visit according to their preferences and budget.

Our offices are strategically located in San Jose downtown, a few steps from the National Theater, Golden Museum and Metropolitan Church, between 1st & Central Avenue, 7th Street, Trejos Gonzalez Building, suite #311.


We are proud members of Canatur (National Chamber of Tourism) and approved by the ICT
(Instituto Costarricense de Turismo).

While you are in the country we offer a 24 hours / 7 days a emergency service and maintain feedback after each trip with our clients to ensure they received the quality service they expect.


Member and Approved by:
Canatur        Costa Rica Tourism Board